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50 Caliber Sabot
XTP bullets give you controlled expansion. XTP bullets expand with control to deliver deep, terminal penetration. They create large wound channels for quick, clean, one-shot kills at standard muzzle
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Para Ordnance 1911 Sights
FEATURES: Totally internal-cannot be knocked out of alignment No permanent modification to gun-remove it anytime No need to change holster or give up your rail flashlight Compatible with your f
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Vacuum Bottle
The Stanley Classic Half Quart Bottle is the ultimate in durability. Double wall stainless steel unbreakable vacuum insulation will keep coffee hot all day long, day after day. The Classic Half Quart
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Scope Smith Scope Cover
Keep your Leupold scope looking like new. Protect its finish from dirt and damage with a ScopeSmith Scope Cover. The ScopeSmith Scope cover is made of water resistant, nylon-laminated neoprene. Prot
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Roto Paddle Holster
Unique Fobus Roto-Holster rotates 360 degrees and adjusts easily for cross-draw, bodyguard/driver/ small-of-the-back, and strong-side carries. Fobus patented locking adjustment allows the firearm eith
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Mastering The Art
Learn to Master The Art of Hunting Elk. You'll learn tactics on how to scout, how to setup, and you'll learn Team Primos' most powerful tool - how to call elk up close. We teach by example, as we lay
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12-Piece Solid Brass Jag Set
These 12 solid brass cleaning jags are the fastest way to thoroughly clean, dry, or oil the bore. Each jag is designed to provide a tight fit between the patch and the bore. A pointed tip keeps the pa
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30 Caliber
The traditional, flat base design of the Pro-Hunter has been skillfully blended with Sierra's world-famous accuracy. Sierra's custom-tapered Pro-Hunter jacket design helps assure maximum expansion, op
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Predator Call
Mastering the Art of the coyote language is easy when you have a good teacher. Randy Anderson will show you step-by-step, how to bring those coyotes on in. Randy shares his unique system of howling in
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303 Caliber
303 Spitzer SP - Soft Point Diameter: .311" Weight: 150gr Ballistic Coefficient: 0.411 Box Count: 100 Vernon Speer was a very smart man. He developed a process to improve rifle bullet integrit
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