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  >  Federal Cartridge  >  P338FA1

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Federal Cartridge Products

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338 Federal

Manufacturer: Federal Cartridge
Part#: P338FA1
Pkg Size: 6.125 X 3.5 X 1.25
Product Condition: Brand New, Full Warranty
Availability: Usually ships within 24-48 hours
UPC: 029465098773
MSRP  $54.95
You Save (35.0%)  $19.25
Shipping    $13.20
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Now you can get magnum performance without the heavy recoil of a magnum cartridge. Just load up the .338 Federal. Specially designed for modern lightweight rifles and originally available only from Sako, the exclusive .338 Federal is based on the short, efficient .308 Win, but necked up to accept a heavier bullet capable of dropping large game at up to 300 yards. Topped with your choice of world-renowned bullets - Nosler AccuBond, Nosler Partition or the Barnes Triple Shock X-Bullet - the .338 Federal has the weight and velocity to bring terminal energy to your target. Its controlled expansion bullet offerings take down medium to large game like deer, bear, elk and moose. All with the comfort of a non-magnum load. With this cartridge, you get big performance in an easy-carry light-weight rifle - and more enjoyment out of your hunt. And that's the biggest kick of all.

Load number: P338FA1
Caliber: 338 Federal
Bullet Weight: 180 Grain
Bullet Type: Nosler Accubond
Usage: Large, heavy game

Factory Velocity in Feet Per Second (to nearest 10 FPS):
- Muzzle: 2830
- 100yds: 2590fps
- 200yds: 2350fps
- 300yds: 2130fps
- 400yds: 1930fps
- 500yds: 1730fps

Energy in Foot Pounds (to nearest 5 foot pounds):
- Muzzle: 3200
- 100yds: 2670
- 200yds: 2215
- 300yds: 1820
- 400yds: 1480
- 500yds: 1200

Wind Drift in Inches (10mph crosswinds):
- 100yds: 0.9
- 200yds: 3.6
- 300yds: 8.6
- 400yds: 15.8
- 500yds: 26.2

Height of Bullet Trajectory in Inches above or below line of sight if zeroed at 100 yards. Sights 1.5 inches above bore line:
- 50yds: -0.2
- 100yds: 0
- 200yds: -3.7
- 300yds: -13.7

Height of Bullet Trajectory in Inches above or below line of sight if zeroed at 200 yards. Sights 1.5 inches above bore line:
- 50yds: 0.8
- 100yds: 1.8
- 200yds: 0
- 300yds: -8.2
- 400yds: -23.9
- 500yds: -49.3

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  >  Federal Cartridge  >  P338FA1

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